Ice Cream Social, Tenant Appreciation Event & Employee Appreciation Day

Want a sure-fire way to show your tenant appreciation or your employee recognition? Follow our recipe for success and arrange for our HipPOPs frozen dessert truck OR table service for your next Appreciation Day or Ice Cream Social!

Show your appreciation to the people that matter by treating them to a delicious, all-natural, gluten-free and high-quality frozen dessert including gelato, sorbet and frozen yogurt topped with premium dips and toppings. HipPOPs provide the ingredients, but we leave the fun of creating their own POP up to your tenants or employees.

Whether you're a property owner, manager or employer, you've probably come to realize that it's much more cost effective and overall efficient to simply retain a good tenant or employee. So, show them the respect and appreciation they deserve by hosting an Appreciation Day event that will leave them with mouth-watering memories and feeling the love. This delicious token of appreciation will go a long way in ensuring happy tenants and employees.

Contact us today to book your event... then just sit back and enjoy the benefits of hosting an innovative Hip Tenant Appreciation or Employee Appreciation Day!

We offer catering in Miami and across South Florida including the Palm Beach Counties, Broward, Dade, South Beach, Palm Springs, Fort Lauderdale.

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Plan a  Tenant Appreciation or Employee Appreciation Day to show them recognition and appreciation by booking our ice cream food truck or table service.
Hosting a HipPOPs catered event will send them a super memorable thank you message! It's a win-win situation that fosters both an enjoyable environment
for them and can be a cost-effective way of supporting your retention strategy too.