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While in Fort Lauderdale visiting my daughter I had the opportunity to find this Food Truck "2 times" and it was amazing. Blood orange dipped in dark chocolate with caramelized pecans. It makes me want to fly right back down to Florida. Thank you for such a SWEET treat experience.Read Less

Rebecca Petee From Petersburg, Michigan

The pops were delicious and thank you so much for the Mother's Day extra pistachio OMYGOOD!!!! LOVED it. Much success to you guys and thanks for the follow up.Read Less

Caren, Mother's Day Order

Hip Pops was at the Food Truck Invasion event at the Zoo. They have a great display of their gelato, sorbet and yogurt flavored frozen bars. We ordered the blood orange sorbet dipped in semi sweet chocolate embedded with popping flavors of rainbow sprinkles. I think it could glow in the dark.Read Less

Judd L, Yelp, Miami, FL

I happened to spot two food trucks while I was driving on 441, so I decided to stop by and see what they were. I hadn't heard of HipPOPS before... turns out they're fairly new. The owner was very friendly, and explained the different flavors, dips and toppings. He won me over when he said they had hazelnut (nutella is my kryptonite). I got it dipped in milk chocolate and topped with crushed hazelnuts, costing me a very well-spent $5. Oh man. This was one of the tastiest things I've eaten in a long, long time. It tasted exactly like nutella, and on a hot day, this cold treat was perfect. I very well could become addicted to these. Glad to see a 954-based truck, and up in my neck of the woods! I really hope they do well... but with a product this good, how could they not?Read Less

Cherrine A., Yelp, Coconunt Creek, FL

I usually do not write reviews for food but, I truly enjoyed their gelato bars. They are very tasty and creative, dipped in chocolate with a nice topping. They were mindful of the drips putting them on paper trays for you. I truly recommend it especially for children. However, I would love to see a variation in size (especially for children). My son couldn't finish his, it was too big. As far as the taste it's great!Read Less

Bernardette K., Yelp, Pembroke Pines, FL

Yummy!!! Yummy!!! I had a banana pop with milk chocolate and coconut shavings... extremely good! My husband had a coconut pop with white chocolate and candied pecans... even better than mine! Read Less

Yessy M., Yelp, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Wife and I saw the truck at Festival Flea Market on Sample. She had Belgian Chocolate with white chocolate cover and crushed pecans. I had Cappuccino with dark chocolate cover. I am an ice cream addict and these are the best ice creams (gelato) I have ever had. I am not sure which of the two bars was better?Read Less

James N., Yelp, Pompano Beach, FL

The best gelato I have ever had!! Thanks for your deliciousness and "awesomeness"!Read Less

Karen L., Facebook

My first HipPOP. WOW by a mile. The best pop I've ever had. The dip was thick, the pecans were sweet's a family affair. Longest line. Congrats. IT'S A WINNER !!!Read Less

Bruce R., Facebook

Awesome mint chocolate chip Gelato POPs! Thanks for the treat!!!!Read Less

Leslie R., Facebook

HipPOPs is absolutely awesome along with its gorgeous food truck!!! This truck had me taking pictures of it while I was driving on the street (as a passenger). I have tried many flavors of their gelato such as coconut dipped in milk chocolate with coconut flakes, pistachio dipped in semi-sweet chocolate with crushed pistachios, mint chocolate and vanilla bean dipped in milk chocolate with crushed pretzels. I even tried the lemon sorbet with mint flecks that was soo refreshing. The server was very personable and informative about the product. I will definitely follow this truck wherever it goes!!!! I rate HipPOPs the Gold Standard for desserts..It is a MUST try!Read Less

Tracey F., Yelp, Key West, FL

At my daughter's wedding, Tony and his wife were a HUGE hit. Their gelato bars were unreal! The service was outstanding, many of our friends had three and four bars! I cannot wait to have another. They helped make the wedding special. Read Less

Gene S. Facebook

HipPOPs' hand-crafted, all natural gelato bars are a delicious treat and come in many flavors from which to choose. Tony and his staff were recently at one of our agency’s events and provided the hand made treats while on site. The decadent gelato bars were enjoyed by all that tried one and was a nice treat for our guests who attended our Family Fun Day event. I highly recommend everyone to try a HipPOPs. I look forward to having HipPOPs at future events.Read Less

Heather Winters, Executive Director of Family Counseling Services

I hired HipPOPS to cater three corporate events in Miami for 1500 people. They did a superb job. Having just gotten back from Italy, I can attest that the gelato was excellent! Our clients thought so too! It's a tasty, fun product with service to match! They truly are POPStars!Read Less

Tammy Y., Asset Marketing Inc.

HipPops are frozen gelato and/or sobert frozen pops that are dipped into one of three chocolates and covered in crushed nuts, pretels and other accessories. AMAZING, the people that work in the truck were really helpful on what to explaining everything and recommended whats best. I had a vanilla bean gelato with milk chocolate and crushed petrels. it was amazing with the perfect combination of chocolate and geloto it was amazing GO TRY IT!Read Less

Adetoun A., Yelp, Hollywood, FL

Met Anthony Fellows and his daughter yesterday @their AMAZING food truck. www.Hip POPS. com's handcrafted gelato bars are OFF the CHARTS in the TASTE department and plenty GORGEOUS in the presentation as well. Handcrafted gelato bars. YUM. I highly recommend checking them out for your next event.Read Less

Myra W., Yelp, Miami, FL

There are a perfect amount of gelato/yogurt/sorbet flavors and topping choices -- enough for some variety but not too many that you can't decide. I chose pistachio gelato with dark chocolate dip and crushed pistachios as popping. IT WAS DELICIOUS! My friends had naked lemon sorbet, naked mango sorbet, and original tart yogurt with milk chocolate. Everyone absolutely loved their choices. The lemon sorbet had mint and lemon zest in it... it wasn't like that artificial sorbet you buy in a drugstore. The bars are a really good size... we all ate our own and loved them, but agreed that if we had not been as hungry, we could have split a chocolatey one (mine was super rich... yum). The prices are on-target too. I would definitely seek out the Hip Pops truck at another event and I am keeping them in the back of my mind in case of an event, as they do catering. I am definitely a fan.Read Less

Lauren U., Yelp, Miami, FL

HipPOP catered at my job and I had the pistachio gelato dipped in dark chocolate then topped with crushed pistachios. OMG! Amazing! really good quality gelato (on a stick!) Next one I'd like to try is their hazelnut which I was told is a popular flavor. I met Tony of HipPOP and explained to me that his gelato is made with many imported ingredients from Italy and is 94% fat-free and gluten free. The gelato was creamy and dreamy. Definitely try them!Read Less

Michell D., Yelp, MIami, FL

Monday night I went to the food truck invasion at Young Circle in Hollywood. I had seen on twitter that HIP POPS was one of the newer food trucks and decided to try it out. I had the vanilla bean gelato dipped in milk chocolate and pretzels. Needless to say, it was amazing! I absolutely loved it, the staff was very friendly and helpful! Looking forward to having more HIP POPS in the near future! :) Read Less

Michelle R., Yelp, Fort Lauderdale, FL

I was very impressed with the amount of fun I had with your popsicle! 5 star delicious!Read Less

Danna M., Facebook

Last night I was a first timer, its was a very nice treat. Like Arnold once said "I'll be back"Read Less

Steve H., Facebook

Seriously amazing. Had the hazelnut, dipped in dark chocolate with crushed pretzels. So delicious!Read Less

Kate A., Yelp, Hollywood, FL

Got to sample the great gelato from this truck at the Not-So-Average Art sale in Miami. The gelato is awesome and the proprietary (and daughter) were friendly and helpful. Highly-recommend. Read Less

Carl I., Yelp, Rochester Hills, MI

To celebrate my staff's achievements I invited HipPOPs gelato to our community and wow we were all thrilled with the results. The HipPOPs staff was enthusiastic and courteous, but the star of the day was the delicious gelato treats that they create. I personally had the vanilla gelato with dark chocolate topping that was coated in Pretzels and my mouth is still watering from the amazing flavor - creamy, crunchy, salty and sweet all combined to perfection. My staff was so happy with the event that several members asked me when HipPOPs will be back. I would highly reccommend not only enjoying a HipPOPs treat if you see their truck at an event, but also having them come to your office to show your coworkers or staff that they are appreciated. They provide a memorable event that everyone enjoyed. Thanks HipPOPs, we are definitely going to have you back soon.Read Less

Erica C. Executive Director HarborChase of Tamarac