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Franchising POPortunities

Everyone loves gelato. Which means everyone really really loves HipPOPs. Sharing HipPOPs with local communities is our greatest passion. Combining a gourmet frozen dessert with multiple streams of revenue is the perfect pairing for anyone looking for a unique business opportunity by franchising through HipPOPs.

A totally innovative spin on the frozen dessert business, HipPOPs is the first mobile, premium hand crafted gelato bar franchise of its kind. The HipPOPs business is an exciting one, full of opportunity in a growing industry. Best of all, your customers are typically happy because, well, our POPs are certainly a treat! We like to think of the many POPortunities that bring success to our franchisees. From food truck rallies to POP-up stands at parties, sporting events, weddings and private events, there are as many possibilities as there are gelato flavors!

What really makes HipPOPs stand out is our careful attention to quality ingredients that make our POPs so delicious. When it comes to our handcrafted awesomeness, we don’t compromise! Our gelato and sorbet are made fresh daily in small batches, using the freshest ingredients and sourced locally when possible. We only use a handful of the best ingredients, but what we get is big flavor that truly speaks to the success of our business.

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